Writing Challenge Day 3

Published September 15, 2014 by M. Natalia Arocho


me and ky

Same Coin

Its like looking at two sides of the same coin. Different yet, they are both a part of what make up the same coin. Either side looks different but they both as made up of the same material and have the same ridges on the side.

One has dark brown hair, the other has hair that is bleach blonde.

Her skin is pale and white like porcelain and the others is the color of caramel.

One girl’s eyes is a deep dark brown while next to her, clear blue eyes stare at the camera lens.

She is tall and athletic, lean, while the other is short and slightly curvier.

They couldn’t look more different and yet, if you didn’t know better, in looking at their minds they are both one and the same. The way they move is in sync. When one moves one way, it’s as if a magnet pulled the other the same way. Ones thought becomes the others next sentence and when one is at a loss for words, the other knows just what to say to fill in the blanks. Of course, no two people are exactly alike and neither are these two ladies. But friendship knows or sees any differences. No matter the disagreements, the difference of opinion, they both are in agreement to disagree and agree on everything else entirely. To be best friends, is to be one side of the same coin. No matter what, they have each other’s back.


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