A Room with a View

Published September 17, 2014 by M. Natalia Arocho

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The Little Nook

The walls are white, like a nice blank sheet of paper or untouched canvas. There is not a blemish of a crack or poster, there is nothing that covers or stains these walls. They are white like fresh, untouched snow. These four white walls surround a small nook in the corner of the house where there is a space large enough for two to sit. There is a small bench that installed, large enough for one to sit comfortably and space far enough from the window so as not to have to lean on the window pane or get directly hit with the sun beams that pass through. The bench is padded and black and white pillows are arrange on the seat with a blanket nearby. A tall reading lamp stand a few feet away so as not to crowd the space and white see through curtain frame either side of the entrance to the space. The window is the best part. It looks out across a meadow, whose edge is surrounded by trees that have by man or by nature parted in the middle to allow for a gateway to a lake that lies a little ways away, on the other side of the meadow. The meadow, the trees, the lakes, the window, the nook, all an escape of life’s dreary reality and into a world where thoughts and imagination run wild and the chaos of life is left outside the white walls and white curtains, there is no noise of worries, regrets, needs, problems, only the world of that nook in the corner of the house. It is the nook in the corner of the house where I will live one day, where I will escape to one day when my children get too rowdy, when my husband drives me crazy, when the demands of life become too much or when there is peace in the house and the need to have a talk with my Heavenly Father or the desire to escape into another world that authors have created and given me the key to. The place where my little readers will go for their escape when school becomes a hassle, boyfriends/girlfriends are too demanding of attention, when parents just don’t get it but the characters in their favorite book do or their journal is the only one that really listens, that is the place they will escape too. My, his, hers, our little nook in the corner of the house.


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