The Big E

Published October 3, 2014 by M. Natalia Arocho

It’s gone.

The smell of popcorn, the sticky feel of cotton candy, the crunch of peanuts, the taste of a bacon hamburger between two glazed donuts.


The screams of children, the feel of the harness clicking into place, the smell of sweat on a parent who has been chasing his kids around the park, the taste of his kiss in the photo booth.


No more. It’s all over. The tradition is no longer a tradition because the place where this tradition to carry out is gone.

The place where the Big E once too place was deserted, vacant, there was nothing there any more, completely was empty. With the Big E no longer being there, it is as if my memories have gone with it even though I know that they are still there, stored away in a file in my mind.

Standing there in the empty lot, in the place that the Big E once stood, I see the ghost of a place that once was. The children that use to come with their parents, bright eyed and filled with wonder at the rides and exhibitions. The parents who were brought back to their childhood with the smells of fried dough and hotdogs, remembering the stickiness and missing the sweetness of cotton candy, caramel corn, and candy apples. College students walking in groups, not worried about the stress of exams or papers but just being young and feeling like the world is theirs for the taking. Older generations walking around hand in hand, remembering their younger years, their first dates, their first loves, their first heartbreaks at this very fair. It was it’s own world, a world where problems, worries, doubts, depression, grief was no where to be found. A place where there was only joy, happiness, love, intimacy, family, friendship, hope. There are only a few places in this world that one could describe as being a place of happiness and a release from daily problems. This, the Big E, was one of them. Where my childhood began, where my first love had been, where my first healing from heartbreak had started, where friendships had been maintained and tradition had been upheld.

All that, is now gone. Removed. No longer in existence.

Where it went? No one knows.

Why it left? Not a clue was given.

Will it return? One can only hope.


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