400 word, non-stop idea: Part 2

Published October 10, 2014 by soccermermaid12

There have been two ideas that have been sitting in my head. One of them has to do with the Norse gods who I have had a bit of a fascination with by I haven’t read or found a lot of fiction that are about or contain information about the Norse gods. I know that Thor is popular in the comic book world and Loki, Odin and their world can be found in the Thor comic books but I haven’t really read any contemporary fiction that refer to the Norse gods. So I have been thinking, in my aspiration to be a writer to write a story that touches on the Norse Gods and brings the others that have a story to tell to light. I know that I would include Odin and Thor and Loki but I don’t want to make them the main characters. I don’t know yet if I want there to be human main character or a god as the protagonist. I am just playing around with this idea and researching to get ideas. If anyone has any suggestions or books they think I should look into let me know.

The other idea falls more into writing a story directed more toward YA readers about a young couple in high school maybe where one has multiple personality disorder. I think that it is fascinating and yet very complex to think of a person dating someone when in actuality they are dating two entirely different people within one body.

I am just throwing things out there and seeing if anything sticks with me, something I can’t shake off.


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