400 word, non-stop, idea

Published October 10, 2014 by M. Natalia Arocho

I have been wanting to write my own book and I have had two ideas in my head. One of them I’ve included an excerpt from my first idea. I have always been in love with the myth of Hades and Persephone. I have read so many authors own take on the myth such as the Goddess Test series by Aimee Carter (which is my number one favorite), Abandon Trilogy by Meg Cabot, Goddess of Spring by P.C Cast and Myth-O-Mania’s Phone Home Persephone by Kate McMullan. I like the representation of light and dark, especially Hades which I think people don’t see in such a good way. For me Hades was the god that was misunderstood and the authors have taken that and shed light on how they perceive Hades truly is when people get to really know him. That is why I want to bring him to life to show how I see and love Hades and get readers to love him too. Can’t always be about Zeus.

My take would be that main character, a female who shall remain nameless is taken by Hades (who will go by another name in this story for the most part but is understood to be Hades, Ruler of the Underworld.) She is taken because it is believed that with her qualities she can break the curse that was bestowed upon them by Persephone to protect Hades and the rest of her family from Kronos. (I’m not entirely sure if he will be the villain in this, it may turn to someone else as I write and do more research) She is taken to train to then one day break the curse and set the balance and world right again. Here is my excerpt. It may just end up being part of the beginning of my first chapter.

He watched her from a far. It seemed like that was what he’d been doing ever since he had laid eyes on her. He had to be sure. There had been too many, too many that had almost made it but had fallen short. He needed her to be the one. He knew that just judging her from afar and not getting to know her was not the ideal situation for find the one who would free them from this curse. But he had come so close to others, he had gotten to know them better and in the end it only caused him more pain, knowing them.

Watching her interact with others, with no influence or interruption on his part would help him determine if she was the one or not. He watched her walk from the school to the field. She was still young and naïve. Tall and athletically built, her skin was a light tan from playing out in the sun. Her face still soft but with defined cheek bones which he knew was from her mothers side of the family who has Native American. Her and hair that were the same color were from her father, who was Greek. Her dark brown hair hanging loosely across the middle of her back, was being tied up as she walked through the parking lot to a car where a group of girls were all standing around the trunk. They were grabbing bags and chatting about whatever it was girls talked about, he hadn’t a clue.

As they walked, he followed behind, trying to look natural and not out of place. He would have probably been mistaken for some sort of rebel in the black t-shirt, dark washed blue jeans and black boots. He never had a real sunny disposition and many of his siblings would say that he was always brooding over something, looking much to serious all the time.

Well, one couldn’t always feel so happy go lucky in his line of work. How anyone could be when dealing with the dead, he had yet to see. Except for her. She had been the light in his life. The one to show mercy. Though she had been able to pass cold hard judgment to those who needed it, she had still been fair and no one, no even though souls who were surely going to bed damned, argued against her decision. When she said it, it was as if the sun where shining a light on their wrongs, making her decision irrefutable. Oh how he missed her. Remembering her only strengthened his resolve to go on and follow this girl. Observe every detail of her. Make sure that this time she was the one.


3 comments on “400 word, non-stop, idea

  • I liked this and I know my daughter would love another book on this topic! She was really into Rick Riordan series about Percy Jackson and all the Greek Gods. Have you read it? Good luck in your endeavor!


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