The Reality of Roger and Amy

Published October 10, 2014 by M. Natalia Arocho

This was an assignment my Creative Writing instructor gave us to write a one minute play. Here’s my one minute:


AMY: A woman in her late twenties, wife to ROGER

ROGER: A man in his late twenties, husband to AMY

Scene: ROGER and AMY are a young couple expecting their first child. It is night time and they are seen spooning in their bed with AMY’s hand on her swollen belly and roger with his arm wrapped around her. ROGER has been fighting all day to find a way to tell AMY something but can’t find the words. So as AMY is about to fall asleep, ROGER interrupts it with a question.

ROGER: What do you think of the name Rebecca?

AMY: Rebecca?

ROGER: Yeah. Rebecca. Do you like it?

AMY: It’s a nice name. (AMY yawns) Rebecca.

ROGER: And what do you think if she had blonde hair. Like you.

(AMY smiles, runs ROGER’s arm affectionately)

AMY: I like your hair sweetheart.

ROGER: And eyes?

AMY: I love your eyes, honey. They remind me of the green meadow you took me to for that picnic.

ROGER: Yours remind me of those cute blue heels that you have, the ones you wore for me-

(AMY playfully slaps him on the arm)

AMY: Oh stop it (AMY giggles)

ROGER: What? I like those heels

AMY: I know Roger

ROGER: And that dress that goes with it

AMY: Well it won’t fit now

ROGER: I know

(ROGER is silent for a moment)

ROGER: Think it’ll look good on me?

(AMY stills, opens her eyes and immediately sits up to look down at ROGER)

End Scene.


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