Letter to Me

Published October 23, 2014 by M. Natalia Arocho

Dear Me

Dear Mermaid

Dear Natalia

Dear Lady

Hey you with the bog!

Okay now that I’ve gotten you’re attention listen up because I’m you’re biggest critic here. Now we both know what I’ve been saying from the beginning, since we started writing in notebook when we were smaller to now. You can write! You just need to keep practicing. No one is perfect right out of the gate. There is some great work here that you have. So what that you struggle with grammar and at times sentence structure. It’s what they have Grammar for Dummies for. Duh! And people who are great at editing, who live for correct positioning of commons, use of semicolons and placing the right words where they need to be. So don’t worry about it. Just go through your post, read them aloud and fix it if it needs fixing, reshape and restructure, what is coming out wonky. Because there are some good pieces here.

You use a lot of imagery, try to play on the senses of people. I see that a lot of your piece are emotional, serious, hopeful. There is an attempt at funny in one. You could use some pieces that are out of your comfort zone, to see what you can take your work, see what you’re good at and what you need help on.

Good writers are one trick ponies. Great writers are ponies that have tried all he tricks and keep a couple up their sleeves. And like any trick, to execute it properly to your audience it takes practice, practice and more practice behind the curtain.

Yours truly,

The Me behind the Curtain


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