Editing Tip #59

Published November 10, 2014 by M. Natalia Arocho

I always need help editing, definitely one who needs, grammar/editing for dummies.

Don’t Over Edit… Pt. 2 ~

Paratroopers in WarOne of the easiest things to do in anticipation of your first edit is to research. Research what? Writing “Best Practices” from online blogs (like this one) and Writers Magazines who show you how you can improve the impact of your plot, the resilience of your characters, the strengths of your scenes, and so much more.

Trying too many new ideas at this stage of the game is more likely to confuse both you and your beta readers (when they get their hands on draft two).

But you need to edit – so how do you when enough is enough?

I say, read all the editing help magazines and sites you can BUT make a list of the most poignant tips… that’s poignant to you and your work. And that’s the biggest difference. You need to be able to critically look at what…

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