Prepared Disaster

Published November 10, 2014 by M. Natalia Arocho

Sorry to have been absent for so long, I have had so many other projects that I haven’t gotten the time or patience to post. I am considering putting up the play that I worked on and finished for my creative writing class but for now I’ll stick to this poem that we had to write for the class. I am trying my hand in this genre that I am not most comfortable with. Let me know what you think and/or critics on word choice and lines would be most helpful.

Prepared Disaster

Second thoughts.
The instinct feelings, crushed.
A feeling of overstepping the boundaries & rules
she wasn’t accustomed to, that never bound her.
Now confined to a space unfamiliar to her.

Self-reproach creeping along her insides
like a stranger robbing an innocent.
That rose colored glass with its own cracks, shattered.
Starting to overthink, overcomplicate.
Casting a shadow of over the sun of a smile.

Plating armor all around.
Erecting a wall, impenetrable, no top to see over.
Running away from it all so hard and fast
that the distance couldn’t be greater, safer
and be confined to her own rules & boundaries.

Words, looks, tones, just one moment is all it takes, everytime.
For one moment she is up and then down in


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