My Closet

Published November 19, 2014 by M. Natalia Arocho

Top shelf

Piles of folded clothing,

topped off with discarded “maybes” and “uh-uhs”.


One after another; blazers, slacks, dresses,

saving themselves from wrinkles for those Occasions.


Paired side by side with their mates

Cause every needs the right shoes for her different walks in life.


Underwear scattered, scant pieces of clothing

worn on parts that should be heavily protected.

Shirts categorized by how often and when used,

the ones with the most wear in the front.

Para of different colors and designs but all branding the same sorority,

neatly categorized and placed in its own drawer away from the Non-Greeks.

The world of clothing that is, the perfect description of me and my world


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