Back in the Old Days

Published December 15, 2014 by M. Natalia Arocho

 The days when introductions were asked for,

Now traded for straight up hellos and friend requests.


The days when girls reputation was tarnished

by being alone with a man,

Traded in for spending hours alone.

Chaperone = cock blocking.


The days when a man asked for a father’s/guardian’s permission,

For boys who staked their “claim” but discarded it just as readily.


The days when girls were asked to be engaged,

Now have hopes of getting engaged.


When children were a blessing, heirs to behold,

Now are ways to keep baby daddy’s at home.


The days when sex was the ultimate prize,

The gift that not only gave life.

Now it’s a thing that keeps it all together,

When men after men come through to spread them apart.


Tradition is constancy. Tradition is old, not new.

Modern is what’s happening, but is it all that good?



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