He said, She replied

Published December 19, 2014 by M. Natalia Arocho

Every book is a mystery

some better written than others

Some books are open and inviting

others more reserved, in need of more reading

but even then with the open, is it unabridged

that you are seeing?


Every time I pick up a book that seems so right

I read deep into its lines

Whether there are hidden meanings or not

Who delves into your lines?

pushes aside the punctuations and capital letters

to see the man behind the ‘guise of his written word


I take lead with future leaders

to build a new empire

From a boy who followed

To a man who takes rein


I run the throne

Running the throne instead of sitting on it,

not one to rest on his laurels

worked hard to get here, too motivated to stop it


No one said it’d be easy but I rose to the challenge

Meeting one goal after the other,

where dreams are now realities


I was raised in hell

And from the depths of hell

fire born and fire made

containing fiery purpose that God handmade


If you don’t like my fire, then don’t come around

Cause I’m gonna burn one down

‘Some people are lost in fire,

Some people are built from it’


My pen is my sword, my word is my declaration

Your pen has scripted your path, your words spoken and it was so


My hear is strong as steel, my will is always promising

Your heart bears heavy chains, your will is a conviction is a roar of challenge


Leaving no bling spots for my enemies

I will see through you-that I promise to you

Eyes so perceptive, observing, looking through it all

And through could miss seeing the blatant front


When I look back I don’t see me

‘cause back then I wasn’t all I could be

Now when you look what do you see

A man unfinished, more of a man yet to be


“Poetry”- way to get you to listen to what I have to say

Key to my thoughts

Whether it be prose or rhymed to the T

Written word is best for thoughts read, absorbed, uninterrupted


“Thanks”- its been my pleasure but I’m only getting started

It’s always the hope of a bookworm

that a great author always follows one book with another


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