Punctuation–A Writers Curse

Published January 7, 2015 by M. Natalia Arocho

I very much dread editing and grammar has never been my strong suit. I’m the idea person!


The more books I read, the more I want to check my own punctuation constantly when I write.  As a writer, I feel a responsibility to tell my story the best I can.  Punctuation is a necessary tool in getting your meaning across to your readers.  The most important thing to do is have a few cheat sheets.  I found one!

Pinterest is a great source of information on writing.  I found this graphic first and then went to Steam Feed where the graphic originally came from.  This is one of the best graphics I have seen and great for quick editing.

A Blogger’s Ultimate Guide to Avoid Looking Stupid: Punctuation [infographic]

Thanks for stopping by today.  We have gale warnings posted for the Gulf Coast and freeze warnings are in effect for tomorrow morning.  Wind chills are predicted in the single digits.  A perfect time to stay inside and WRITE. SmileSignature

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