Intimate Poetry

Published February 6, 2015 by M. Natalia Arocho

Words swimming in my head,

every nerve ending sparked and alive like fireworks.

So soft his voice, caressing me with every description

Every honest detail, covering me,

reaching every part,

a head to toe sensation.

My hearing being seduced by the inflections of his voice;

my voice responding in kind.

This act has no passive participants,

each of us alive with this sensation, wonder,

curiosity quipped and the temptation to unravel everything, so tempting.Screenshot (8)

But like skilled lovers we are

patiently taking everything at one step,

knowing when to demand, when to question, when to let its all go.

His mouth, his breathe mingled with mine,

a constant dance with each of us

leading and following, each of us

needing and wanting to know the other.

No dominant or submissive, both surrenders with no conqueror.

Just equal intellects using our minds, our hands, our eyes

to speak, to relate, to grab hold of one another,

penetrate each other, entering and allowing the other

to enter and find release in the knowledge that some understands.

Mind Fucked.


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