Curiouser and Curiouser


My name is Maitee Natalia Arocho but everyone calls me Natalia. I live in Springfield, MA and am currently going to school at the University of Hartford. I love to read and write and have had a passion for it since I was little. I use to always write all the time about anything and everything but as I got older, other things seem to take precedent over my writing and I just stopped. Now I am trying to get back on the horse and so this blog is just about taking the chance for me to write and get better at the craft and explore my imagination, see what I can contribute to the world through my words. I would most appreciate feedback and any advice about writing and if you follow my blog that would be even better! You can also follow me on Twitter (@Wild_One12) and Instagram (@wildones12). Thank you!

Happy Reading!

– Mad Mermaid


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