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Published October 20, 2014 by M. Natalia Arocho

When is started this blog, it was after I started up a blog required for my social media class. My professor wanted us to create a blog that had to do with any subject or topic that we wanted but it had to involve social media or how social media was involved with the subject/topic. For that class I choose something near and dear to my heart, books and I chose to focus on YA novels which is what I read more often than not. It’s called 50 shades of Social YA readers and it touches on subjects of authors, publishers, fans using social media to connect in a way that we haven’t been able to before social media and the internet.

I’ve always had a passion to write and this blog was a way to connect my passion of books, social media and writing in one. But I still felt a restriction, knowing that the post for the blog were for a grade and that there were certain requirements that I have to meet. So I opened another one, one where I could express myself up and really express and work on my writing. The Madness to the Pen is that blog for me. Where I can take all the mad and wild ideas and imagination and put it down in a structured format.

For this blog and it could be the same for my other blog my goals are as follows:

  • Increase the amount of hits I get by 15% by December
  • To comment or read 10 different blog posts every week
  • Increase followers on my blogs by 15% by December
  • To post on my blogs at least 3 times every week
  • Improve on my writing and grammar skills to draw in more readers
  • Create more of an engagement on my blogs through or using social media by getting tweets or posts of my blog posting on other people’s social media accounts

I think that these goals are attainable and though they aren’t really elaborate or huge increases, for me they are as I am student who also works and is involved in a sorority. These goals fit in my schedule and flexibility. For me there is no shame in starting small. There is in biting of more than you can choose and having a hard time swallowing.